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Roar Towards the Full Moon by Claire-Starsword
Roar Towards the Full Moon
So, I have no idea of where I was going with this. I just wanted to make a sprite of Igneel at first, but then I started listening to this song and decided to add some scenario with a full moon. So here you go, dragon in a weird, nonsensical background. Because Igneel deserves more love in this fandom.

Resources used:
The Four Dragons (for scenario and reference on dragons)
Full moon from Sonic Advance's ending.
Animal Soul - a Lisanna Strauss fangame by Claire-Starsword
Animal Soul - a Lisanna Strauss fangame
So, this is something I've been working on for a while. I've always been interested in making games and am currently learning programming, so to test my skills and contribute to my favorite character's fandom at the same time, I started this fangame.

This is mostly a test just to see if I can program a game, so it's pretty simple. Even so I decided to post it because as a beginner I would appreciate any feedback you could give me. ^^ Especially if you find any bugs or stuff like that.

Since I don't want to make this description too long, more info on the game itself can be found in the readme.txt file that comes with it. But to put it simply, you just have to beat the enemies on screen until Lisanna is defeated.

Also, it's for Windows only, so sorry to those with other systems.
And for those curious, I'm programming it with Visual Studio.

Download Link
NaLi - Mayonaka no Orchestra by Claire-Starsword
NaLi - Mayonaka no Orchestra
This was meant to be posted like, two weeks ago but I had an awful lot of tests and homeworks so, yeah, only got to finish it yesterday.
Like most of my recent works, this is based on a song, Mayonaka no Orchestra. It's a Naruto Shippudden ending, but I heard it the first time in a NaLi AMV (which sadly doesn't seem to be on Youtube anymore...) so I associate it with this pairing a lot.

And to clarify things:
- In the 'I'll end up living alone' part, the white thing is Natsu's scarf and it's meant to symbolize Igneel. Sadly i don't have any sprites for him and didn't have to time to make them, so this part was not so good.
- In the last panel, you probably noticed Lisanna's grave is broken. That's because of my headcanon that Natsu ignores Lisanna when she comes back because he always tried to forget her and move on when he thought she was dead and doesn't know how to react now that she's back. And Lisanna doesn't go after him because she is giving him time to sort his feelings and also because she feels how much her 'death' hurt him and is scared of bringing even more pain.
So, I imagine that as soon as they got everything sorted out and started to date, she discovered about the grave he made and, to Natsu and Happy's surprise, destroyed it to prove she was alive and no one had to be hurt anymore.
I'm pretty sure a lot of NaLi fans will argue with me since that grave is seen as a strong symbol of their love, but that's how I see things. ^^'

Now, listing the resources and old drawings I used:
Cloudy Sky
NaLi - Watching the Sunset
NaLi - Our House
NaLi Week 2014 Day 3 - Festival Nights
NaLi - Lisanna is back from a Mission
Lisanna Spritesheet
Natsu Spritesheet
Happy Spritesheet
Lucy Spritesheet
Wendy Spritesheet
NaLi Week 2014 Day 5 - Welcome to Candyland
x784 Lisanna Spritesheet
Lisanna - Animal Soul: Tigress (Cat)
Another animation I've done for Lisanna's tigress form (which is actually a cat form, but I've used that name before and don't feel like changing it now). I wanted to loop the animation to make it look like multiple attacks, something the old one didn't. That one looked stronger, though, but I think Lisanna is one to rely more on speed than strength.

Lisanna x784 Spritesheet
Lingering Spirit by Claire-Starsword
Lingering Spirit
I have so much headcanons about Edo-Lisanna that sometimes I forget she wasn't even shown in the story. So I decided to post some of them (some of them involving Lisanna Strauss' 'death':

- Edo-Lisanna refers to the Strauss family as 'Earth-nee', 'Earth-nii-chan' and 'Strauss-chan' (or 'Earth-Lis-chan'). Picking up on that, Earth-Lisanna began calling the Edolas siblings 'Edo-nee' (or 'Edo-Mira-nee'), 'Edo-nii-chan' and 'Edo-chan'.

- I don't know if the 'soul trapped in another body' makes sense, but it's a plot I've always liked, and if the Anima bugged because of Edo-Lisanna's death, pulling Earth-Lisanna in, I don't know why it wouldn't try to affect the Edolas girl too. Although it didn't affected her body in any way. I've seen a lot of people saying they swapped bodies, but Mira clearly say they didn't had Lisanna's body to bury, so no, that's not true.

- Inside Lisanna's body, Edo-Lis has access to her stronger memories, feelings and thoughts. That's how she knows of the Beast Soul incident.

- All of the explanations Edo-Lisanna give about the Anima are mere speculation, because no one knows how the Anima works, or how a soul can be trapped, for that matter. And the Strauss' wounds being fatal is also not a sure fact, but she's convinced of it for some reason.

- And now for the thing that inspired all these headcanons: the reason Lisanna could fool everyone in Edolas was because the real Edo-Lisanna was influencing her, because I don't see another way for someone to impersonate so well a person that's supposed to be her opposite. This doesn't mean she was behind her counterpart's decision of impersonating her, by that time she was too confused being a dead trapped person to do anything.
And by the way, the origin of this whole headcanon is because, at least in the sub of the anime I watched, Lisanna says 'my memories began to mix, and I slowly got used to the world of Edolas'. For some reason I thought the memories thing were a weird way of telling what happened, and so I imagined all this. I'm somewhat scared of me overanalyzing stuff, to be honest. ^^'

- While Lisanna seems to be accepting of death from a young age, her Edolas counterpart Edo-chan is the opposite, fearing that after people died, they were eventually completely forgotten by everyone. While the youngest Strauss doesn't mind being on the sidelines, Edo-Lisanna wanted to be important and remembered by everyone. She never showed those feelings to anyone though, and would not hesitate to risk her life for a comrade, being more of a fighter than her counterpart.

- As for design-related stuff, while Earth-Lisanna always had short hair, her counterpart was the opposite and loved keeping her hair long since she was a child. However, not long before her death, she cut it so it would be more practical at battles and such. Since as a spirit she can appear to Lisanna in any way she wants, she prefers to show up with the old hairstyle.
And sometimes, being in the heat of a battle, Lisanna is influenced by the Edolas girl's fighting spirit (no pun intended), and her Cat Take-Over gets longer hair.

And that's all. Thanks for reading this far, and I hope you liked it. I should probably mention that, while all of this was in my mind for a long time, the dialogue itself was loosely based on the song/conversation Tensei (Reincarnation), by Cosmo@BousouP. While it ended up completely different from those lyrics, I think the melody suits it pretty well.
Edit 2014/07/21: Date and prompt have been announced! The week will run from August 4-10th, with an extra prompts at August 11th and one for July 21 (yes, today, I know it sounds rushed).
You can check the prompts here. The explanations for them are lengthy but I liked how the admin seems to have put a lot of thought into them.
Hello everyone! ^^
I'm just posting this to warn all Natsu x Lisanna fans that someone on Tumblr is hosting a NaLi week for this year:
The date is still not set, it will be announced at July 19, but they are already accepting prompt suggestions.

I couldn't take part on the NaLi week last year, but I remember there were a lot of great works back then, both on Tumblr and here on dA. So I hope people join this year too. Our fandom has been very quiet lately, so this seems like a good chance to revive it a little and to have some fun together. ^^

That's all, thanks for reading, and I hope you liked the news!

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